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#zokanhetook | Green Food Lab | June 2019 I worked with Green Food Lab and Studio Suze Swarte for the #zokanhetook (Dutch for 'this is also an option') campaign of the Green Protein Alliance. We have designed 5 images to inform people about plant-based proteins in their daily meals. On display in bus shelters, Vrouw Magazine of Dutch newspaper the Telegraaf in June 2019 and on the website

Valentina Eleni | Alles Groeit | June 2019 ​ This is 'Alles Groeit' the first EP of the sweet and talented Valentina Eleni! Release June 2019 <3

National Week Without Meat | February 2019 magazine cover ​ This is the cover image for the National Week Without Meat Magazine in the Netherlands. We made a Veggie Party, celebrating the meatless diet 11-17 March 2019.

Het Parool | Seasons | 2018 cover PS special ​ These are the season covers I'm doing throughout the year. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Het Parool | Plastic alternative | June 2018 With a ban on plastic cutlery, cotton buds, stirrers and straws -products for which there is already an environmentally friendly alternative- the EU wants to combat plastic environmental pollution. But what are those alternatives?

Kinderboerderij de Gliphoeve | Where life grows | June 2018 ​​​ Artists were asked to process a chicken egg into art for a project to raise money for Kinderboerderij de Gliphoeve, a Petting Zoo in the Bijlmer, Amsterdam.

Het Parool | Let's Prevent | April 2018 ​ ​ We invest much more in medical care than in prevention. It's time for a strong twist: let's stimulate a healthy lifestyle, prevent illnesses and help curb rising health care costs.

Het Parool | Kingsday | April 2018 cover PS special ​ Today we celebrate the birthday of the Dutch King Willem Alexander. Today everyone eats orange tompoucen and drinks beer (the nickname of the King was 'Prins Pils').

Het Parool | Puberty | March 2018 magazine PS van de week ​ Kids act grown-up, dress mature and reflect themselves to vloggers and stars. Children come earlier in puberty then 40 years ago. How do you deal with this?

Het Parool | Burn-Out | December 2017 ​ Don't aim too high. Burn-out; a result of the performance-oriented society.

Het Parool | Green Bubble | December 2017 ​ Living sustainable is very good. But what if you strive for green perfection in such a way that you are bothered by it yourself?

Het Parool | Caffeine | November 2017 ​ Early Bird or Night Owl? caffeine helps us through day and night.

VPRO Gids | Dutch criminals | October 2017 ​ The Netherlands is THE drug country of Europe. Weed is in our genes, the cocaine trade in our history and MDMA is as Dutch as cheese. Who drives these billions industry?

Het Parool | Wake-upcall | October 2017 ​ Sleep consists of light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. During the REM sleep, the muscles paralyze to prevent dream experiences being performed. In people with narcolepsy, the boundary between sleep and wake is diffuse.

Het Parool | Less Focus, More Effect | September 2017 ​ Pause your brain. US brain researcher Srini Pillay argues in his book ''Less Focus, More Effect'' for more day dreaming, napping during working hours and more.

Het Parool | Menstruation | Augustus 2017 ​ The taboo on menstruation disappears. The revolution is also sustainable: menstrual cups and menstrual underwear conquer the market.

Het Parool | CO2 Neutral | Augustus 2017 ​ Summer series on co2 neutral living: Saving Energy, Solar Power, Dream Destination by Bike, Magic Beans, Green Label, Paris.

Het Parool | Digital Parents | June 2017 ​ Parents spending too much time on their smartphone while their children need their attention.

Valentina Eleni | Slagroom | March 2017 ​ This is the first music single of the sweet and talented Valentina Eleni! I made the cover images and Sophie de Haan did the typography.

Het Parool | Valentine | February 2017 ​ cover PS Valentine special

De Volkskrant | Emotion eating | November 2016 ​ in Sir Edmund, De Volkskrant: my crying candy at an article about emotion eating, fact or fabel?

De Correspondent | how to eat less meat | November 2016 ​ For online Dutch news platform De Correspondent, I made 5 illustrations about 'how to eat less meat'.

Het Parool | interview Tim Samuels | November 2016 cut off balls at the garbage, interview with Tim Samuels about his book Who stole my spear?

De Volkskrant | Psychological side effects of medicines | November 2016 too scary for the newspaper, so they published it without the tongue in the magazine Sir Edmund

De Correspondent | Vegan | October 2016

De Correspondent | Milk | September 2016 Sustainable Livestock update

De Correspondent | Sustainable Livestock | September 2016

Het Parool | Human Brands | August 2016 ​

Het Parool | Feminism | July 2016 Summer series about feminism: Young Feminism, Girl Power, Porna, Selfie, Intersectional Feminism, Feminism Cliché, Beauty and Brains Pageant

Het Parool | Minimalism | July 2016

Beurs van Berlage | Water Palace | November 2015

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